Siberia Farms, LLC
719 Newburgh Rd
Hermon, Maine 04402

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Our micro-dairy and creamery is fully operational. We are bottling our own milk and cream products, and producing a variety of butters, yogurts, and cheeses all from our own small herd of specially chosen Jersey cows.

All of our registered Jersey girls were selected from a local farm for their gentle disposition, good production and excellent health status.  Good milk comes from healthy cows. By providing our cows optimum nutrition through pasture and hay, giving them abundant room to graze outside in season, and maintaining sanitary facilities, we are able to keep our cows healthy without the use of medications or hormones. Our milking facilities and processing areas not only meet, but exceed cleanliness and safety standards set by the State of Maine and the USDA.

Over the past few years there has been a lot of discussion on raw (un-pasteurized) milk. The USDA believes that there are health and safety concerns with the consumption of raw milk, in fact some states do not allow the sale of raw milk at all, while other groups think some of the health benefits of milk are lost in the processing of milk. We believe that there are valid points to both sides. While we would be comfortable drinking raw milk from our own cows, we have chosen to vat pasteurize our milk products, however we are not homogenizing our milk.  This provides what we believe is a good balance between quality and safety.  By not homogenizing we maintain the “cream-line” in whole milk that used to be common in days gone by. By vat-pasteurizing you, our valued customer, have the added assurance of safety. Vat-pasteurization is much gentler on the milk proteins than commercial pasteurization, thus preserving many of the proteins and health benefits found in milk.  It is the homogenization process that breaks down many of the protein and fat molecules in milk.  The molecule bonds are broken so that all of the molecules are the same size, keeping the milk from separating.  We feel the process of homogenization is unnecessary and lowers the quality of the milk.

In addition to whole milk, we have skim milk and flavored milk.  Not only are we careful about how we raise and feed our own animals we are also very particular about the ingredients we use with our milk.  Our chocolate milk is made with organic fair-trade chocolates, and our strawberry milk is made with local strawberries.  We also locally source as many fruits and herbs that we can for our yogurts and butters.  It is important to us to support other local farms and to use the freshest ingredients possible.  

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